Pipeline & Rehabilitation


TMM Engineering is a global oil & gas pipeline operator providing a full range of pre-commissioning, commissioning, maintenance and decommissioning services for onshore facilities.

Our company has continuously secured the transmission pipeline rehabilitation and repair project, in which we are involved in excavation, inspection (scanning) and coatings, pipeline and valve replacement, rectification works, and pipeline stress analysis which we have covered more than 1000km of pipelines for both Peninsular and Borneo Malaysia.

With rich experiences in gas pipeline maintenance and repair, TMM Engineering Services is proud to be the leader in this works and one of the Specialized Contractor for PETRONAS, to explore and utilize any approved advanced technology in the market for the purpose of pipeline repair without the need to shut down the pipeline system.


  1. GPP3 Underground Firewater Leak Rectification for PGB.
  2. Rehabilitation & Repair Work For Perlis NPS 18 Pipe Replacement For PGB.
  3. Rehabilitation For N PS 10″ SSL Tee Replacement.
  4. External – Onshore Pipeline Inspect & Repair (Reinstatement of Cl Injection Point) for PGB.
  5. Repair & Rehabilitation at NPS 12 Propane PGU-1 LOOP {Kerteh RO).
  6. Price Agreement for Rehabilitation and Repair Works For PGB-TOD Pipeline system.
  7. Provision of repair and maintenance of Sa bah & Sarawak Gas Pipeline {SSGP) – Terms Contract.
  8. Term Contract for Rehabilitation and Repair work for Peninsular Gas Utilization {PGU) Pipeline Facilities (Package B-Southern) Contract
  9. Sectional Pipe Replacement On KPS NPS36 PGU-1 for PGB.
  10. Sectional Pipe Replacement Works At KP182 NPS 36 SSGP At Long Lu ping, Lawas, Sarawak for PGB.
  11. Sectional Pipe Replacement Works At. KP231.1 NPS36 SSGP, Long Rayeh, Limbang, Sarawak for PGB