Piping, Mechanical, Civil


TMM Engineering Services offers a host of engineering, operations and maintenance services for the oil and gas industry. We provide the full range of repairs, overhaul and maintenance services alongside onsite emergency plant breakdown and preventive maintenance services managed by a team of competent experienced personnel. Additionally, our personnel are well versed and experienced in handling and undertaking maintenance and operations of rotating and static equipment related to the oil and gas industry.


  1. Replacement of Malfunctional CV at GPP 4-SL for PGB.
  2. Provision of Manpower, Materials, Tools, and Equipment for Dump Conveyor Structure Refurbishment at Hunstman Tioxide Plant at Teluk Kalong, Kemaman.
  3. Metallic Structural/ Piping-To Replace Structure XV4126 & Turbine Filter Housing for PGB.
  4. Provision of Insulation Works for Winter Readiness at GTPOGT, Kiyanly (Petronas Carigali Turkmenistan).
  5. Supply, Fabrication, Delivery at Site, Site Erection, Testing and Guarantee of Fire Protection System For 1000TPD New Refining Plant, Upgrading Existing Fire Hydrant System, and Other AncilaryWorks at Kuantan Oil Products, Pa hang, for Felda Vegetable Oil Products Sdn Bhd.
  6. To Perform Major Structural/ Piping Replacement at PGB.
  7. EPCC Cl Injection Piping at NPS48 Line for PGB.
  8. Mechanical Construction Work -Incinerator Auxiliary Piping Removal at PCEMSB.
  9. Mechanical Construction works – GMP1.1 install. isolate Valve E118A &E119A.
  10. To provide mechanical work at HV-2911, BV 107, BV 107, BV 108 and BV 109 for Rectification Work, SSGP. (Package B.14) .
  11. Price Agreement to perform Leak Rectification Work at POD, CUF and export Terminal, Petronas Gas Berhad, for the period of Three (3) Years. with an option to extend another Two (2).