Hot Tapping & Welding



Hot Tapping adopts a specific methodology to make a new branch connection for a new product supply from the existing piping or pipeline without ever need to isolate or sectional shutdown of that piping or pipeline system. It is a proven and reliable method of making connections to piping, pipeline or other equipment by attaching a branch fitting to the system, usually by in-service welding method, followed by cutting through the pipe wall at the point of attachment utilizing an appropriate Hot Tapping machine capable to withstand the high pressure and temperature of the product inside the existing piping or pipeline. This operation is generally carried out on a pressurized or in laymen term as a live system without the need for unnecessary decommissioning or interrupting the flow and pressure.

Our local specialist are well-trained, experienced, and wholly-conversant with Hot Tapping operations. We owned various sizes of equipment capabilities from multiple manufacturers to perform any type of Hot Tapping and Completion Plug Setting operation. Our equipment’s capability currently allows us to perform Hot Tapping and Completion Plug Setting operations up to 48” Class 600.


Line Stopping is a part of the Hot Tapping application where it is applied to temporarily block and isolate the product flow in a piping or pipeline section.  By employing various methodologies in this application, it is possible to perform such product isolation without the need to cut the product supply of the pipeline downstream of the isolated section.  We have the capability to perform up to 16” CL600 Line Stopping operation at the moment with the current capability expansion plan up to 48” CL600 to cater a wider range and bigger application sizes.


Our experienced In-Service Welding crews are able to respond to any urgent unplanned or planned online welding or welding on a live line operation request in accordance with the API 1104 Annex. B and API 2201 code and standard.


  1. Hot tap and double stopple for TTM Changlun Kedah tie-in, NPS 36.
  2. Hot tap and double stopple for KLIA lateral pipeline, NPS 12 3. Hot tap and single stopped for Telok Kalong & Perwaja Metering Station. NPS 16.
  3. Hot tap for Lumut and Pasir Gudang, NPS 30 and NPS 24.
  4. Provision of Hot Tapping Works & By-Pass Piping for Olefins Heat Exchanger (OPTIMAL), NPS 10.
  5. Hot Tapping & Welding Works tor EPCC of NGDS to Kapar – Meru FL Stage 1/04.
  6. Hot Tapping works For Redline-II at Ammonia Plant, Kerteh, Terengganu.
  7. Welding of Hot Tapping Fitting for EPCC of NGDS to KEE FATT Industries.
  8. Singapore Pipeline Project – Plentong 24″ x 30″ Hot Tap Welding.
  9. Hot Tapping Welding Works for PETRONAS Dagangan Labuan.
  10. Hot Tapping for Gas Compressor By-Passing Modification works at TNB Power Station, Port Dickson.
  11. Provision of Manpower, Machinery, Equipment, Tools and Consumables for Hot Tapping Works for Segamat & Kuantan Compressor Station Expansion Project.
  12. Install Block Valve in HP Steam Line to BFW Turbine at OPTIMAL.
  13. Provision of Header Tapping Equipment and Service for PCPP Facilities at D35 Platform Offshore Sarawak

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